Study Abroad

Summer in Greece

The department regularly offers a special study abroad opportunity: PHIL 3390/5050: What is the Life Worth Living? Ancient Ethics in Athens, which goes to Greece for eleven days in the summer semester (May 14–24). The bulk of the course takes place in Athens and the dreamlike harbor town of Nafplio, with day trips to the mountains of Delphi and the ancient city Mycenae, where you and other students will answer for yourselves the questions that consumed Ancient Greek ethicists and still consume today's positive psychologists: What is the life worth living? What is a truly excellent, remarkable human life?

This is a three-credit course that counts in the Ethics/Aesthetics category for the Philosophy major and minor, as an elective for the Philosophy MA or the minor in Classical Studies, and satisfies LBST 2102: Global and Intercultural Connections. In addition to the cost of airfare, there is a program fee ($3130) that covers tuition, hotel costs, most travel within Greece, some of your meals, and all entrance fees to ancient sites. If you are a Philosophy major, the department will provide you with a $100 scholarship to help defray the program cost.

Please contact the instructor, Dr. Daniel Boisvert, or the department chair, Dr. Trevor Pearce, if you have any questions. The application deadline for Summer 2022 is February 1, 2022. You must apply by that point (and then be accepted and pay a deposit) before you can register for the course. For more detailed information and to apply via the international office, please click here.