Daniel R. Boisvert

Associate Teaching Professor of Philosophy
Winningham 112A

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Daniel Crow

Part-Time Instructor
Garinger 201

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Ruth Groenhout

Distinguished Professor of Healthcare Ethics
Winningham 109C

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Gordon Hull

Professor of Philosophy & Director of Center for Professional and Applied Ethics
Winningham 105A


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Michael Kelly

Professor of Philosophy
Winningham 103B

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Elisabeth Paquette

Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies & Philosophy
Winningham 104B

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Trevor Pearce

Chair & Associate Professor of Philosophy
Winningham 103C

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Andrea J. Pitts

Associate Professor of Philosophy & Graduate Director
Winningham 105C

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Lisa Rasmussen

Professor of Philosophy & Graduate School Faculty Fellow
Winningham 102A

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Reginald Raymer

Part-time Instructor
Winningham 102C

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Ellyn Ritterskamp

Part-time Instructor

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Mark Sanders

Associate Teaching Professor of Philosophy & Undergraduate Director
Winningham 112B

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Martin Shuster

Professor of Philosophy & Isaac Swift Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies
Winningham 102B

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Eddy Souffrant

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Winningham 109B

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Shannon Sullivan

Professor of Philosophy and Health Psychology
Winningham 105B

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Tina Talsma

Part-time Instructor
Winningham 104C


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Damien Williams

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Data Science
Winningham 109A

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