Student & Director/Reader Responsibilities

The University Honors Program has outlined responsibilities for students pursuing honors, and faculty directing/reading honors theses:

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Meet with Honors Program Director within major
  2. Select and meet with Thesis Advisor and Committee Members
  3. Complete proposal and Application for Admission to Candidacy form
  4. Obtain signatures of Thesis Director, Committee member, and HP Director on AAC form
  5. If required by Honors Council Subcommittee, make necessary revisions to proposal in a timely manner, resubmitting within 2-3 weeks
  6. At time of final presentation, pick up original AAC form from the Honors College office
  7. Obtain signatures of Thesis Committee members and thesis grade on form immediately following presentation
  8. Obtain signature of Honors Program Director
  9. Return the original AAC form to Honors College Office

Honors Thesis Director/Reader Responsibilities:

  1. Meet with the student throughout the thesis development process to provide guidance and support
  2. Work with the student if s/he should be asked by the Subcommittee to make revisions to the proposal
  3. Sign the AAC form at the beginning of the process as well as after the student’s oral defense
  4. Assign a grade on the AAC form following the student’s oral defense
  5. Enter the student’s grade into Banner; complete a Change of Grade form if necessary
  6. Notify the Honors Program Director in your discipline (Dr. James) of the outcome of your student’s presentation