Funding Opportunities

Students interested in getting funding to present papers at conferences, attend conferences, attend summer seminars, invite speakers to UNC Charlotte, organize conferences at UNC Charlotte, or other extracurricular academic and professional development activities should look into the following sources for funding: the Philosophy Department, the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics and the Philosophy Club (with funding available through the Student Government Association (SGA) . Students should contact the chair of the Philosophy Department (Dr. Shannon Sullivan) the head of the Ethics Center (Dr. Gordon Hull), and the Faculty Advisors for the Philosophy Club (Dr. Shannon Sullivan) for the details and procedures for each funding possibility.

Funds Given to Philosophy Students from Various Sources over the Past Few Years:

  • The Community of Philosophical Thinkers (formerly the Philosophy Club)

Received funds from the Student Government Association (SGA) in the form of event grants for the UNC Charlotte Student Philosophy Conference.

Received funds from the SGA to help pay the honorarium fee for four speakers since 2008 to speak at UNC Charlotte events (not the Student Philosophy Conference) ($300-$750 per speaker)

Received funds from the SGA in the form of travel grants for three members to attend the SPEP (Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy) conference. ($560)

  • Four students have received money from the Ethics Center or Philosophy Department to attend Conferences or Summer Institutes, since 2009 ($350- $1,150 per student)* most were in the lower range
  • Five students attended Summer Institutes which were fully funded, since 2009

(They were aided in the application process by various Philosophy Department faculty)

  • Students on the Ethics Bowl team have received travel funds from the Ethics Center for both Regional and National Competitions for the last decade. The approximate amount of money spent over that time is $10,000